A message from Sofia to every one involved in the making and release of ALICE, NOVA IORQUE E OUTRAS HISTÓRIAS / Tales From The Rabbit Hole – A Curious Kitsch Novel:

“I do not have enough words to express how grateful I am for every and each one of the people who contributed for this film.
💚 To all our cast and crew members, with who we shared 16 months of hard work, memories, learning, and above all, trust: my biggest THANK YOU. This film was possible because you, with all your passion, generosity, talent and commitment, believed in us – even though sometimes you probably thought we were insane. No wonder… sometimes we did feel insane.
✍🏻 It seems like it was yesterday that Tiago Durão and I were staring at five big yellow paperboards on the wall, each saying Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, 4, and 5 – avidly trying to fill them in with ideas for a storyline that could become the movie we wanted to do. They say that you always have 5 different movies: the one you imagine, the one you write, the one you film, the one you edit and finally the one you see. Oh yes, that couldn’t be more accurate. And we are so proud of the journey this film had from that paperboard to cinema theatres.
🎟 I want to thank NOS Audiovisuais for believing in this project, for giving us the opportunity to share our film in our own country and for making our debut in the big screens here in Portugal. I am forever grateful.
🙌🏻 And lastly, I want to thank everyone who showed their support by coming to see in cinemas the result of all our work, passion and madness, and for letting us share this incredibly crazy experience and these tales from the rabbit whole with you. Thank you everyone for your messages and love.
💙 You know, during this journey, that started on December 2017, we had times where we found ourselves believing in Murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. Looking back, those were the moments that did require extreme decisions from us and, therefore, those were the moments that took this film to a different direction, a better one. And that taught me something. It taught me to never give up. And it taught me that if you’re fully committed to something, there will always be difficulties along the way, but there will always be a solution if you roll up your sleeves and truly believe in what you’re doing.

Now, off to new adventures ♥️ “

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