September, 2021

This year, Sofia decided she’d experience the 48H FILM PROJECT madness, so she put together a team to participate in this short film contest which happened this weekend, September 10-12.

For this contest, the teams are required to produce a short film (4-7 minutes) in only 48 hours: on Friday 8 p.m., you learn the genre of the film you have to make, and three mandatory elements you have to include: a prop, a character and a line.

On Sunday, 8 p.m. you have to deliver your short film: fully edited.

Can you imagine the wild, sleepless, unpredictable and crazy weekend this is? It’s a real challenge, but isn’t that what real artists love? Oh yes!

Sofia’s team, STORY IN A BOX, made the short film Samanta: Má ou Santa which premieres in Cinema São Jorge in October 2, alongside other short films from the 48 Hour Film Project Lisboa.

Here are some film stills:

And here’s the film poster:

And here’s the trailer:

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