Sofia Mirpuri is an actress and producer from Lisbon, Portugal. A recent graduate of the Atlantic Theater Company’s Full-Time Conservatory (notable alumni include: Clark Gregg, William H. Macy, Peter Facinelli, Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Olsen), Sofia has produced and starred in the award-winning feature Tales from the Rabbit Hole – A Curious Kitsch Novel (in portuguese Alice, Nova Iorque e outras Histórias), and the award-winning short Samanta: Má Ou Santa, for which she was distinguished as Best Actress.

Dynamic and relentless, Sofia invested in her acting training from a young age. Her stage experience with classic and contemporary work has provided her with the skill-set to work in several TV shows and commercials in Portugal.

While finishing her BA in Visual Communications, Sofia pursued her passion for the performing arts in InImpetus – Escola de Atores and John Frey Studio for Actors, in Lisbon, before her big move to New York to study at the Atlantic Acting School.

Willing to create her own work, Sofia ventured to produce her first feature film, Tales from the Rabbit Hole – A Curious Kitsch Novel (where she also takes the leading role), which opened in cinemas in Portugal on August 20, 2020. The positive experience she had with her first feature led her to start her second: Erros Meus, Má Fortuna, Amor Ardente – currently in post-production – where she plays the female lead.

Sofia is committed to the continual investment in her career in film, TV and theatre, in both Europe and the US. She has recently founded the film production company Story In A Box, which produced the short Samanta: Má Ou Santa, winner of 10 awards including BEST FILM OF THE YEAR and BEST ACTING for Sofia’s performance as Samanta.

Social Responsibility

Parallel to her acting journey and work, Sofia has become an active voice in social inclusivity, mainly in the struggle to implement more and better inclusion tools for people with hearing loss, whether in her professional area – cinema and culture – or in society in general. As a hearing impaired woman and actress, she’s been using her own experience, motivation and voice to speak about the importance of being inclusive – especially during these times – and to contribute to making an impact in the industry and society through her work.

Her efforts made her win the Inclusive Cinema Award on October 2, 2021, in the 48 Hour Film Project Awards Ceremony (see Article “October, 2021” in the “What’s Going On” page of this website).

Faced with the undeniable reality that the pandemic and the mandatory use of masks have become a serious obstacle to communication for all those who need lip reading to communicate, Sofia launched the Listen To My Lips project back in 2020 – a brand of semi-transparent masks that allow lip reading, making communication more accessible to everyone.

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