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April 2022

Last month Sofia spent a few weeks in Los Angeles, where she starred in the short film “OBSIDIAN PROWL”, directed by Abby Carver and produced by Miguel Ramirez.

March, 2022

✨ What an incredible week. From March 9 to 13 I was in Washington DC for the Filmapalooza Film Festival with my short “Samanta: Má Ou Santa”, in representation of Portugal, among almost 100 awarded short films from all over the world. Not only this was an amazing opportunity to connect with passionate filmmakers from all around the globe, but I also got nominated for BEST ACTRESS in this contest. What a feeling!

Plus, our film was also nominated for BEST SONG.

Grateful for this recognition, and for this incredible opportunity.

An article about this:

More in March:

I had the privilege of being invited by the Secretary of State for Inclusion, Ana Sofia Antunes, to be one of the speakers at the session “A Conversation With Women Who Inspired Us”, where I was able to share my experience, opinions and my life commitment with regard to the ways in which I seek to actively contribute to building a more inclusive society.


Today I had the pleasure of being a speaker at the World Hearing Day Event promoted by the OUVIR Association, where I shared my hearing loss experience, my journey as an actress and producer, my struggle for a more inclusive cinema, and my project Listen To My Lips.

Thank you OUVIR Association for the invitation, and congratulations on the initiative.

January, 2022

Continuing to use her voice to call attention to the importance and urgency of implementing more and better inclusion tools for people with hearing loss, especially in regards to the absolute need for inclusive subtitling in audiovisual content, Sofia spoke to Manuel Tinoco de Faria for his round of interviews about this subject.

You can read the interview in this link: https://medium.com/oneforsubs-subsforall/interviews-round-0-5795b5ef71d1

December, 2021

Sofia was on Portuguese TV talk show Cristina ComVida, presented by Cristina Ferreira.

She got to talk about her journey as an actress and producer: her acting training in New York City, her first feature film ALICE, NOVA IORQUE E OUTRAS HISTÓRIAS, her award-winning short-film SAMANTA: MÁ OU SANTA, plans for the future, and her efforts towards making Portuguese cinema more inclusive for deaf and hard of hearing people (see page “About” on this website’s Menu, to know more about Sofia’s active voice on this subject).

October, 2021


TSF, a news platform in Portugal, wrote an article after interviewing Sofia about her short film SAMANTA: MÁ OU SANTA and her own motivations towards making Portuguese cinema more inclusive.

Check it out: Dez prémios depois, curta-metragem portuguesa representa Portugal nos EUA


Sofia’s was invited to “Curto Circuito”, a magazine TV show in Portugal where she talked with the hosts about her award-winning short film SAMANTA: MÁ OU SANTA.

Sofia (in the middle) with hosts Maria Correia (left) and Luana do Bem (right)

You can watch the interview under “Media” – “Interviews”.

Besides, a few articles about Samanta: Má Ou Santa have been published:



NIT New In Town:



SAMANTA: MÁ OU SANTA won a total on 10 awards, including “Best Film of 2021” and “Best Acting” for Sofia’s performance as “Samanta”!!!

The short is now going to represent Portugal in the International Film Contest Filmapalooza 2022, in Washington DC, USA.

Here’s a list of all the awards we won at the 48 Hour Film Project Awards Ceremony:

  • Best Film of 2021
  • Best Directing
  • Best Acting
  • Best Photography
  • Best Writing
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Editing
  • Best Use of Character
  • Audience Award
  • Inclusive Cinema Award – winning this award was very special for Sofia, considering her efforts in making Portuguese cinema more accessible for people with hearing loss, raising her voice to influence film professionals to adopt inclusive tools (such as the use of captions, something Sofia firmly believes should be mandatory). Furthermore, the short Samanta: Má ou Santa represented an equally important theme when we speak about inclusion: gender equality.

The film was also nominated for:

  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Cast

More info on SAMANTA: MÁ OU SANTA in the September, 2021 article.

September, 2021

This year, Sofia decided she’d experience the 48H FILM PROJECT madness, so she put together a team to participate in this short film contest which happened this weekend, September 10-12.

For this contest, the teams are required to produce a short film (4-7 minutes) in only 48 hours: on Friday 8 p.m., you learn the genre of the film you have to make, and three mandatory elements you have to include: a prop, a character and a line.

On Sunday, 8 p.m. you have to deliver your short film: fully edited.

Can you imagine the wild, sleepless, unpredictable and crazy weekend this is? It’s a real challenge, but isn’t that what real artists love? Oh yes!

Sofia’s team, STORY IN A BOX, made the short film Samanta: Má ou Santa which premieres in Cinema São Jorge in October 2, alongside other short films from the 48 Hour Film Project Lisboa.

Here are some film stills:

And here’s the film poster:

And here’s the trailer:

July, 2021

Sofia has finished shooting the shortfilm “Mutual Phase Lock”, directed by Lébora Devy.

April, 2021

Portuguese online news magazine NIT published an article (written by journalist Maria Salgueiro) about Sofia’s journey as a hard of hearing woman and actress, and the impact she is trying to make in the industry and society through her work. Due to the mandatory use of masks, which has made it very difficult for deaf and hard of hearing people to understand what is being said (lip reading is essential) Sofia has developed a brand of transparent masks (Listen To My Lips ®) to help solve this problem, fighting discrimination and hoping to make people’s lives easier.

Here’s the article (in Portuguese):

Listen To My Lips ®

Sofia as also been invited to a television talk show (“Alô Portugal”, SIC) where she introduced her masks project, spoke about the importance of being inclusive – especially during these times – and talked for a little bit about her acting studies and work.

November, 2020

ALICE, NOVA IORQUE E OUTRAS HISTÓRIAS is now available in all Video On Demand platforms in Portugal.

If you missed it in cinemas, now’s your opportunity to enter the “rabbit hole” with Alice and find out all the interesting and complex people she meets along her way.