In regards to the premiere of ALICE, NOVA IORQUE E OUTRAS HISTÓRIAS, Sofia gave some interviews on national television, youtube channels, magazines and newspapers. You can watch some of them under the button “Media” – “Interviews”.

ALICE, NOVA IORQUE E OUTRAS HISTÓRIAS has finally premiered in cinemas

On August 20, “ALICE, NOVA IORQUE E OUTRAS HISTÓRIAS” opened in cinemas in Portugal.
Here’s a list of all the theatres where you can come see the movie:

Cinemas NOS Alvaláxia
Cinemas NOS Fórum Almada
Cinemas NOS Braga Parque
Cinemas NOS Fórum Coimbra
Cinemas NOS GaiaShopping
Cinemas NOS Parque Nascente (Gondomar)
Cinemas NOS Fórum Viseu

More in August:

Sofia played “Tânia” in the TV show “Bem Me Quer”, produced by Plural Entertainment and premiering on TVI in November.

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